Area2D Not detecting initiated Prefabs

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Hey, i am currently working on my first real game in Godot. Im not very experienced with Godot since i just startet learning it. Now i came to a problem and i cant find a solution. For some reason the scenes i initialize while the game is playing, arent detectet by “var Island = area.get_overlapping_bodies()”. But if i manualy place the exact same scene, at the exact same position, in the editor and start the game after, it detects.

I hope the Images help to understand my problem a bit better.
Let me know if you need more information about my problem.

What is “PlaceholderIsland” in the scene tree in the first screenshot?

That is the Prefab Scene that the code spawns. Via code its put as a child of the “Islands” 2D Node. I dragged it in there manualy in this picture, therefore its just at the bottom of the tree. But even placing it as a child of “Islands” doesnt change anything.

What do the scene trees look like on the remote tab instead of the local one?

Prefabs are generated as childs of the Islands Group