Artifacts when importing model from blender

Godot Version

Hi. I’m Using godot 4.2


I’m modelling a car in blender . It is not finished yet, but I imported into godot to test how it is going. Sadly, I found these artifacts:

In blender this does not happen:

And the strange thing is that when I click in the *.glb file to visualize, the artifacts does not show up.

I tried to import in UDK5 just to see if the same pattern happens and does not. What might be the cause?

I believe you uploaded the blender screenshot twice, what are the artifacts?

Yes, sorry. I was in a hurry, my wife was calling me for dinner :smile:

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My first thought is godot is being too agressive with the LOD. Try changing the LOD bias higher. If this happens for a lot of your 3D models change it in the project settings.

increasing the LOD bias helped, the artifact in the rear door disappeared.
But the rest, remained. I had no Idea what it was.
One thing that I forgot to mention, is that I’m using Linux. Just to check, I downloaded Godot for windows and import the same model, and it was normal, without any artifacts just like UDK5.
It seems something with the renderer, perhaps with AMD drivers included with ubuntu. I had problems in the past with linux when using AMD.

I guess I’ll switch to windows then. I tried to keep a full open source technology stack, but not this time.

I think most people use the open source AMD drivers, mesa package. I’m also on Linux, but using NVIDIA :confused:

That back panel seems light/shadow-map related, does the car have appropriate UVs set? Did you give it UV2s (lightmap UV) in the import options? Try those out if you want to give it another chance; glad I could help with LOD issue at least :^)