Asset library is missing crucial features

I’m browsing the asset library on a daily basis and features like ratings/reviews and popularity to only name one, would be extremely useful and the lack thereof is a hindrance for all new developers coming to godot IMO. How is one supposed to pick between similar plugins without remotely knowing which is better?

I know there’s an official asset store in works somewhere but the lack of ETA or information on the matter is a bit sad.

This is something that is needed yesterday. How can we make this happen faster or help build it?


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I’m not sure if this is possible.
The plugins of the asset library all help with different aspects. No one besides you can tell, which of two similar plugins works better for your project. You will have to try then and find out.

I think you’re missing my point. This is about getting an idea of which is more advanced / popular / maintained / reliable at a glance without having to try them all. Besides, that’s only one thing. We also need better search and categories, improved tagging, etc. The general point is to help with discoverability. For instance, I need to regularly browse the assets one by one to find new good new ones, where a “trending” category for instance would save me a lot of time.

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We have no plans to improve the current asset library because our focus is in the new asset store, but the source for the current asset lib is at github: GitHub - godotengine/godot-asset-library: PHP frontend for Godot Engine's asset library

If you are brave enough to untangle some of its spaghetti code and are able to add new features to it, we can do our best to review/merge/push those changes. Unfortunately, the code base is very hostile to additions, and very difficult to run properly locally.

The best would be to wait until the new site is out. I know that it is frustrating because of the lack of updates on our end (I’m frustrated too), but we want to make sure that when we announce a date we can meet the deadline.


Will the new asset library/store also be open-source?

Not entirely sure which parts will be. We will try to open source as much as possible, but in a project like this, I don’t think it adds too much to landscape.
The asset store is not really much, the contents of it are. The value comes from what the users add there, not the code.

But everything that can be made open source will be :+1: