AssetHunts! - Create & Share Asset Packs for Godot✨

Hello, Everyone!
Hope you all are doing well. I am a 3D Artist and worked in Game development as a senior artist for many years. Currently, I am creating and sharing my game assets. My main goal is to create high-quality Asset Packs for Godot.

Every Game Engine out there have its own marketplace and a huge amount of creator creates assets for them. Instead of choosing them, I want to help the Devs who love Godot Engine and share my love for Godot. But creating quality assets is a time-intensive task and currently as a solo artist it’s so challenging. But I’m truly enjoying it and working so hard on creating & sharing as much as possible game-optimized assets with the highest quality possible.

> Most of the 3d assets are free to download and also you can support me on my mission.


Here are some Asset Packs I have already worked on and Published

I’m not a pro artist or programmer like many of you, but I’m passionate about creating. Please don’t hesitate to share if you have any suggestions on how I can improve. Your support means a lot to a creator like me. Thanks a bunch for reading and being part of this journey!

And a big thanks to everyone whose contributions and hard work have shaped Godot into what it is today!

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