Atlas Fury, a Space Shooter Frenzy

Atlas Fury is an action space shooter that takes inspiration from many games I have played such as Space Invaders, Tyrian, Sonic, Call of Duty and etc.
It’s supposedly to be short, fun and wacky. SURGE power up helps deliver that experience along with the many ships in the game each with their own set of weapons.

It is available on Android and iPhone. Hey, play on your tablet and hope to see your score on the leaderboard!

Here’s a launch video to view:

View on the Google Play Store
View on Apple App Store


I started working on an Xtreme mode that starts you out at the unattainable level 11 and a high difficulty! Also introduced random events to change attributes of player and enemy, can disable one of the players weapons ;). Will look at adding it to survival and endless soon.

Comes out next week!