Attaching 2D Pixel Sprites to a 3D Bone Structure in Godot 4

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I’m new to Godot and game development in general, and I’m working on a 3D third-person game in Godot 4.
I’m aiming to create a unique setup and could really use some help.

My Goal:
I want to create a 3D skeleton with bones and animations, but instead of using a 3D mesh, I want to attach 2D pixel sprites to each bone.

Detailed Breakdown:
3D Bone Structure: I can create a 3D skeleton with proper bone animations. (I already got this part somehow.)
2D Pixel Sprites: I need to attach 2D pixel sprites to each bone. The sprites should be separate and not part of a single texture.
Movement & Animation: The 2D sprites should move and animate according to the 3D bones’ movements.
Perspective Adjustment: Ideally, the 2D pixel sprites should change their texture according to the camera angle to maintain the correct perspective. (I think I can do this part with gdscript).

Now, i’m sure some of you are thinking:
“That’s like an HD-2D setup; there are plenty of tutorials about that.” But as the title suggests, I’m really trying to get this working without using a HD-2D setup.

Despite extensive searches for tutorials, guides or scripts, I haven’t found anything that really matches my requirements.
Has anyone done something similar or have any tips on setting this up in Godot 4? Are there any specific scripts, extensions, demos, tutorials, or general advice that could point me in the right direction?

If anything is unclear or if I’ve broken any rules, please let me know. I’m eager to learn and correct any mistakes.

I appreciate any help or guidance!