Audio is silent

Godot Version



I’m currently trying to make a rhythm game using a MIDI plugin I found: arlez80 / godot-midi-player — Bitbucket
I’ve upgraded it to Godot 4, but when I go to play a file, no sound is produced. The debug output shows that the file is being successfully read, I’ve checked that audio bus exists and is properly set, I’ve ensured my computer isn’t muted, etc.

Is there any other possible reasons why this wouldn’t be working? (Does Godot have a “default” for audio output? I’ve had issues with other apps (like Discord) randomly defaulting to an obscure audio output instead of the normal default)

For reference, I’m using Windows 10.

Thank you for any help!

Same issue here.

I just want to play a MIDI file like with AudioStreamPlayer. Load a stream and call play(). But all the addons I have found are like performing brain surgery on an alien creature.

Did you find a solution to this? Anyone?

Thank you, all.