Backgound parallax not moving

Godot Version



I have this scene with my player character, and a camera which does not move, i tried making a constantly moving background with the parallax layer node,but it seems to be not working

This is the script on the parallax background

The clouds just stay stiff while the game is running, this is because of the camera2d node, but i dont understand why! If i delete the camera2d the clouds seem to go just fine. Help pls!

try make the Camera2D as a child of the player?
drag and drop the Camera2D node to Player node here:

Change the ParallaxBackground.scroll_base_offset as the ParallaxBackground.scroll_offset is controlled by the Camera2D

i cannot do that, then my camera would follow the player! :smiling_face_with_tear:

i did that but now there is a new problem, Thanks for the help!

I put the mirroring to the right size, 1000 so why does it lag like this