[Base] NES/Zelda-Like camera, 2d fixed camera

Good evening, I ran into a problem, but with the help of a tutorial and a colleague (thanks, @shatteredreality), I was able to solve it. I decided to share it on GitHub, to make it easier for others to build on it.

You can find it here. :point_down:

No need to credit me, but please don’t claim it’s all yours if you don’t modify it. Also feel free to contribute anytime!

Have you thought about hosting it on (for example) itch.io?

I’ve never hosted anything on itch.io before, actually. I thought it would be easier to do it through GitHub, since I have some experience with it. Besides, it’s not really an original project - I just followed a tutorial and made some small (not to say tiny) changes to the code. I don’t think it would be a good idea.

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I’ve got some of my learning projects on itch.io - it was easy enough to do and taught me a few things such as how to do an export to html.

You can set your games to private if you aren’t ready to share them with the world.

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That’s really neat! I’ll definitely keep this in mind, especially since I’ve had an account for a while right now. Thank you!

I thought you might enjoy a look at my zelda style rpg. :laughing:

No worries, I’ll take a look! I’m just a bit busy right now.

I see some potential here, but I think it’s too early to say anything definitive about the game.

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The games there are really tech demos and how I’ve been learning to work in Godot.

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So, keep going, man. And good luck!

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They’ve also been useful for other people learning Godot - especially sharing code.

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I’ve also got a devlog of sorts on YouTube - mostly to track my progress.

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