Best way to display images as Art gallery portraits in a 3D node?

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Godot 4


Hi!! I just wanted to make a small game to try out Godot by translating some 2d art pieces I’ve done into a walkable 3d art gallery. However, I’m not sure how to render these images. Would it be best to use Blender and import each asset individually, or would there be a way to modulate an object in Godot to be my portrait? I was looking through the docs and messing with stuff and I tried using TextureRect, but it seems to only work in a 2D context. I tried adding a texture to a 3d Cube Mesh, but I couldn’t find a way to control the placement of the texture on it since I believe it’s intended for grounds & other objects without a designated placement of the texture.
Sorry if this is a stupid question! I tried doing my own research but I maybe just don’t know what the keywords are for what I’m trying to do. Thank you!

You already tried Sprite3D node?

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THANK YOU! I didn’t see this when doing any of my research, ty ty. This looks like what I want, and I can probably embed this into a portrait node that can change size for its frame, right?

With some code, yes

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