.blend "ERR_FILE_CANT_OPEN" on import

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I’m having issues with creating and importing new .blend files into my project. This includes a default cube with the camera and light source removed. the regular icon is replaced with a large red X. I’ve tried totally reinstalling godot (to the effect of deleting everything in AppData), I made sure that my blender path is set, and I’m just stuck now.

this displays on import:

modules/gltf/gltf_document.cpp:7649 - Condition "err != OK" is true. Returning: ERR_FILE_CANT_OPEN
Error importing 'res://untitled.blend'.

I assume you enabled the blender import options in the Godot editor settings?

what about this error “modules/gltf/register_types.cpp:63 - Blend file import is enabled in the project settings, but no Blender path is configured in the editor settings. Blend files will not be imported”

Well the error pretty much gives you the keys to the solution. Set the Blender path in the editor settings