Blender IK not baking in animations on .gltf export

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1


Dear people, I’m currently making a first person shooter type thing, and i’m having issues when I export my animated mesh to Godot. So I made directional walking animations, I exported the .glb, and when I open the animation player in Godot, Blender had generated keyframes for empty tracks. I turned off sampling in the export settings, and this time it didn’t generate the keyframes for the empty tracks, but it also didn’t export the inverse kinematics for the legs, since the legs technically aren’t moving, only the IK bones are, which makes them move. So now, my characters feet kind of just flap up and down. How can I fix this, without it generating the keyframes for the upper body, which didn’t move at all?

As far as I know you have to bake the animation in Blender, in Pose mode → Pose - Animation - Bake Action. The IK you set up in Blender only works in Blender, you can’t export it. I think you can do “selected bones only” so it doesn’t create key frames for bones you don’t want, but also, you can just delete the not needed tracks in Godot.