Blender3D v4 Newb.. Advice and also how to get blender stuff to Godot v4.2.1

Godot Version


Blender3D Version

v4.0.2 - Dec 5th 2023


This is the very first time i’ve tried using blender3d since over 10 years…

I’m a total newb at it and was hoping some of you might have some helpful suggestions on using Blender3D with Godot? Tutorials, youtube channels/vids, advice, anything helps point me in the right direction

Another question is on how to get a model or even just a cube from Blender3d v4 to Godot v4.2.1

Hopfully this could help others new to Godot in the near future as well 0:-)

Export your models as glTF 2.0, and import them to Godot. I created a video about that.


I think I followed this tutorial:

Just change a few settings and then you can place native blender files right in your Godot Project and use them by simply dragging them into the scene. They will also update immediately when you edit them in blender.

I had some issues with textures, had to do some packing-step inside of blender to make them work. I also found this on YouTube.

Very complex materials from Blender will not work, because the programs are too different.

Edit: This is the video that helped me with the textures: