BLOG POST: Reverse Z

PSA! ! :rotating_light:

We are introducing minor compatibility breakage in shaders to bring you an import optimization.

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This is great news!
Does that also mean Godot switches to an infinite far plane? That would be awesome!

We haven’t switched to an infinite far plane yet, but we are considering it!

Hey! Good job! Just a suggestion: next time, maybe consider focusing more on the good aspects of the change. When you say “benefits sufficiently outweighed the costs”, I believe you! But it would be much nicer to see how much I would gain by fixing my shaders. How much better is the new algorithm? How many ms will I gain on my frametimes? Can you show some artifacts that are resolved on the new version? All of that would sell the change even more.

That being said, again: great job! I’m really excited about the improvements on 4.3.

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