Bone rotation and scale of Skeleton3D-Bones resets when trying to change it, preventing addition of correct key frames

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1


I am trying to find out how to do simple editing of animations and adding key frames in Godot. Through trial and error, I found out how to get to a point where I can transform bones and then add keyframes with all the changes I have made to the skeleton. However I can’t seem to rotate them for some reason. They always rotate back into their initial position, immediately after I make any changes. I can move them, but scaling and rotating will result in an immediate snap back. Is this intended behaviour? If yes, how can I actually rotate these. I have a video for context, but can’t upload it, since I am a new acount. I can provide it, if requested. Any help would be nice, since I can’t even find a video of anyone using the features I am trying to figure out how to use.

Do you have an AnimationTree set to active? That has been the cause of the problem you’re describing when it’s happened for me.

An AnimationPlayer set to active can also cause similar things to occur, but usually only when clicking a different keyframe or saving. But the AnimationTree will update in real time if it’s active, and immediately revert changes as you make them.

Thanks man. Never would have guessed that was it, but making it temporarily inactive fixed it.

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