Bounce in Physics Material Override cannot be edited in the demo for creating an instance

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I tring this tutorial.

When I try to perform the above step to set Bounce to 0.5, the edit is locked and I cannot edit it.
I am wondering if there is something I am missing in the procedure.

How can I get it to edit?

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Hi, I downloaded the project, import and went directly to this step, worked normal for me, what could you do is reload the physical material.


and / or go directly to a specific page to edit

in the last case reimport the project and start again.

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Thank you for your response!

When I reload the Physics material (top menu, New PhysicsMaterial) I can now edit the Bounce value.

It helped me a lot, thanks!

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I am totally new to Godot. But I can’t see the Bounce property in the demo even after reloading Physics material.

Have I missed something else?


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