Build for raspberry pi 3 (arm architecture)

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I am having trouble building project for arm 32 (raspberry pi 3) with export template, i am getting this error: try_open_pack: Method failed. Returning: false At: core/io/file_acces_pack.cpp:181

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How you export for raspberrypi 3 with godot 3.5.3?

When deploying the project on the Raspberry Pi, did you move the PCK file alongside? Does the PCK file have the same name as the binary name (minus the extension)? For instance, if the binary is called something.arm32, the PCK should be called something.pck.

If you enabled PCK embedding in the export preset, try disabling it then export the project again.

The error message you posted is truncated, so we can’t know the full picture here.

yes pck is same name , all flags are true except 64 and embed pck

I would be interested to know how you get on with this @igor91013. I have an arcade cabinet that runs off of a Raspberry Pi 3 and I may try to make a game to run on it :smile: