C#: How do I write code detect if a clone is touching something?

Godot Version v4.2.1


(I would also appreciate any alternative methods to achieve this!)

I am using the following code that spawns an arrow whenever I press the space key that I’m using to test the function

The script is attached to the node in the following screenshot. The node is titled ‘Spawner’

How do I write a script that detects when the cloneArrow scene (see previous image) and the Area2D node titled “Arrow” are touching?

Edit for more context: The clone arrow scene is below along with the script attached to the area2D

Sorry, I misunderstood question.
But in my opinion you can use CollisionShape.

How would I do that, and would this work with the collision between the cloneArrow scene and Arrow Area2D?

Something like get overlapping areas.

Area2D — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

I don’t send code or anything like that, because I never use this method.

If there’s a better way to do this I would love to hear about it also

I DID IT!! okay so in the clone_area scene, I used the signal _on_area_shape_entered and it works!