Camera animations that depend on characters and weapons

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I’m pretty new to 3D game development and I have a question about animating first person camera

If you ever played or saw gameplay of “Overwatch” you may have noticed that different heroes have different “camera”/“bobbing” animations + switching to other weapons will also change animations

How I can achieve something similar in godot?
I know I need to create animations for different weapon in for example blender, export it etc.

I think I need separate nodes as a wrappers for camera to controll bobbing? I don’t know if I need separate animation for camera and for a weapon, or it can be one animation, how I handle animation for nodes to controll rotation/position? How I can reuse animations?

I don’t need an answer for all these questions I’d greatly appreciate an example of general approach or any links that may help

Ideally you have one camera rig setup for what you need. And an animation player. I would then animate every weapon bob since a weapon is usually unique to the character if you are truly following overwatch method. Then for each character selecting their weapon set the weapon bob animation on the camera.

If characters share weapons but still want different bobs based on character and weapon, you have more animation work to do but it now becomes which character_weapon animation to select.

I can’t recall if there are ways to duplicate an animation. But you can definitely save them to file and copy paste for reuse if nothing is easier.

You could maybe also get Francy with an animation tree and blend two animations together. Like a character bob and a weapon bob mixed together. This would reduce your animation work to just characters and just weapons

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