Camera stutters when transitioning from 1 to the other

So I have a main scene that has a camera2d, its static, then the player also have a camera2d as a child which follows the player, then I have a global camera that use tween animation to transition from 1 to the other, you can see the code in the image I attached, now the weird thing is when transitioning from player_camera to the scene_camera everything works just fine, but when transitioning from the scene_camera to the player_camera it will stutter a bit, as if the global camera travels too long it got dragged back to where it supposed to be.

the general process is this :start with player_camera—in the main scene turn player_camera off, turn global_camera on,turn scene_camera on----global_camera travels to scene_camera----turn off global_camera.then the same when it transition back, I just don’t understand why does it stutter, I can kind of guessing what’s causing it, maybe its because player_camera position is constanly changing, but why does that matters and how to fix it I have no ideal, pls help, thanks in advance!

another side note is, the stutter happens a brief moment after I leave the detection area, and during that brief moment the further I run the stronger the stutters is, if I just barely standing at the edge of the detection area after leaving, the stutter becomes very subtle

I can’t upload the rest of the video and images here but I have another post on reddit:

You’re tweening camera towards where the player was, not where they are.

the next moment the player is in a different location, but your tween keeps moving the camera to previous position since you’re never modifying the tween’s final value.

And then you do camera_switch which I assume centers camera on player, which is why you’re seeing the snap - it snaps camera from old player position at the time when tween was fired off, and the new player position.

I’ve only looked at this for like 30 seconds and am in the middle fo a league of legends game so I’m sorry if I’m way off.