Can 2 property animations not play at the same time?

Godot Version

Godot v4.2.2 stable mono


I have an animation that requires a position:x track and a rotation track to play. I want the tracks to play on load. However, the animation will only play the bottom track. I have tried playing 2 different animation players at the same, playing multiple animations from the same animation player at the same time, but it always only plays 1 of the animations. I am lost.

Go to your animation player under “Callback” and set process to “Physics”. Its because thats the only way you can use animationplayer on an animatablebody

I enabled it, but it still didn’t play both tracks.

For some reason when I load the game it still only uses the bottom track.

I recreated the scenario and it also didnt work. Then i changed the sync to physics-property in the animatablebody2d and then it worked, but i dont know what consequences this has


Thank you!!!