Can i rename the .net assembly folder

Godot Version



When my project is named “MyGame” the libraries alongside the executable are produced in “data_MyGame_windows_x86_64”. Can i set another name for the directory?

I was trying to do the same. This is a start but I also had to rename MyGame.csproj file, MyGame.sln file and the properties inside those files that point to “MyGame” to get this to work. make sure you’re using version control before you mess with it though so you can reset back to a good state if you need to.


I just spent a couple hours figuring out how to rename it, turns out I missed the Advanced Settings in Godot!

For future readers, here is how to completely rename your Godot .Net Project

  1. Open your project.

  2. Go to Project menu on top left, then Project Settings

  3. In left pane, click Application → Config, and change Name field to YourNewName. This only changes Godot’s internal name for this project, not the compiled project name.

  4. In the same Project Settings window, enable Advanced Settings on the top right.

  5. In the left pane, scroll all the way down to Dotnet → Project, and change the Assembly Name to YourNewName.

  6. Save your project, then open your game project folder in File Explorer.

  7. Rename the .csproj to YourNewName.csproj

  8. Rename the .sln file to YourNewName.sln

  9. Open YourNewName.sln, and look at Line 3. Rename “OldName” , “OldName.csproj” to “YourNewName” , “YourNewName.csproj”

  10. Save file, and you are done!


Hi sorry for the late reply. I dont want to rename the executable, you can still name it whatever you want when you build the game. I was asking for the folder!