Can not get an export

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the project is finished, everything was perfect until i tried to get an export. downloaded the necessary files but when i got an export and tried to open the game, the godot logo comes up and then it closes. I chose the “export slected scenes(and depenednceies)” mode, the game came up, could play it, BUT the dialogic(im using dialogic addon for the game) wouldnt start. can anyone help me with this? it should be “export slected resources(and depenednceies)” right?
also I have included *.json file type at the end, didnt help

Select “Export With Debug” checkbox during the export process. Then execute the exported app with the console. You should see the probable cause in a form of an error message, hopefully.

ok there are hunderds of errors… how the hell did the game played in the engine with no problem?

there should be a way that I could export it without fixing these errors… right? cuz I have no idea what half of them are…

search the errors online one by one

SCRIPT ERROR: Parse Error: Identifier “EditorInterface” not declared in the current scope.
at: GDScript::reload (res://addons/dialogic/Core/
one of the errors… the google search gives me nothing

and why this error doesnt pop up in the engine ?

The simplest thing would be to ask the author of that addon. Perhaps it needs some dependencies that weren’t included in the export.

if thats the simplest thing I really dont want to know what is the hardest thing.

Are you sure you have selected all addon folders and files? I’m not familiar with Dialogic, is it possible that it uses custom file formats besides .json? If it does, include them as well.

Double check that you have selected that file to be exported

Does everything work if you select “Export all resources in the project”?