Can we export IOS without Xcode? (like MacOS)

Godot Version

3.5.1 (but for any)


Is there is a way to export games to IOS without mac and Xcode?
(for sharing or personal uses)

in this forum reply you can see we can export for MacOS without Xcode and mac. So is anyone knows a way for IOS?

(or there is a way to do it in windows?)

idk much about Godot 3.5.1. But I think you will still need XCode. As long as you have implemented the mobile controls you should be fine.

but you know for xcode you need a mac. I tried on virtual machine its very slow and always ıt gave me errors.

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What device are you using???

my computer windows 10 notebook. my target ios device for personal uses iphone 4s ios 9. (it can be jailbreak)

I know Godot has export templates. Maybe try downloading one of those.

I downloaded export templates ofcourse. Without them you cant export any platform. But for IOS they say you need mac and Xcode. But for MacOS you dont need. So I think there is a way for IOS also.
And anyway I cant succes to export for IOS with virtual machine mac and Xcode.

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Then if you have an apple device at home maybe transfer the file and use that mac to export. And if you want you can prolly transfer the file back to the computer you are using. If you cant do that then I dont know? cuz im also confused here

but I dont have mac I am using windows laptop and I just want to use my apps on my iphone. It has jailbreak so if method needs jailbreak its not problem. But without mac I cant find a way to do it.