Can't open/create projects: Registry lookup failed to get layer manifest files

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I can’t open the instancing tutorial project nor create new “Foward+” projects


Hello everyone, I’m new to gamedeving and chose Godot to be my first experiences… Not going well lol.

As I said, I can’t open the instancing tutorial project (the first tutorial project was ok) and (after looking up a little) I realized I can’t create new projects with the “Foward+” rendering option.

Like the tittle of the topic says, I tried to run the engine from a console and got a warning. I used this command I found in a web site after looking what the problem could be: --verbose > godotlog.txt (I can’t find a way to upload the log file for you).

My system specs, some of the console run and some of the logfile content are bellow.

I hope you can help me (sorry if is just a noob’s problem) and thank you for your time.

My System

Windows 10 64x 22H2
Intel® Core™ i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz

  • Intel® HD Graphics 520 v26.20.100.7870
  • Vulkan 1.2.131
  • “Shader version” (as it states on my Intel command center) 5.1
  • DirectX 12
  • OpenCL 2.1

Console Run

TextServer: Added interface “Dummy”
TextServer: Added interface “ICU / HarfBuzz / Graphite (Built-in)”
WARNING: GENERAL - Message Id Number: 0 | Message Id Name: Loader Message
ReadDataFilesInRegistry: Registry lookup failed to get layer manifest files.
Objects - 1
Object[0] - VK_OBJECT_TYPE_INSTANCE, Handle 1801566274912
at: _debug_messenger_callback (drivers/vulkan/vulkan_context.cpp:264)
Vulkan devices:
#0: Intel Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 - Supported, Integrated
Vulkan API 1.2.131 - Forward+ - Using Vulkan Device #0: Intel - Intel(R) HD Graphics 520
Optional extension VK_KHR_fragment_shading_rate not found
Optional extension VK_KHR_incremental_present not found
Optional extension VK_GOOGLE_display_timing not found

  • Vulkan Variable Rate Shading not supported
  • Vulkan multiview supported:
    max view count: 16
    max instances: 268435454
  • Vulkan subgroup:
    size: 32
    quad operations in all stages
    Startup PSO cache (0.0 MiB)
    Using “winink” pen tablet driver…
    Creating VMA small objects pool for memory type index 0
    Shader ‘CanvasSdfShaderRD’ SHA256: 2ea959eb2c…
    (and a lot of lines for this Shaders continue)

The log file i saved

TextServer: Added interface “Dummy”
TextServer: Added interface “ICU / HarfBuzz / Graphite (Built-in)”
Using “winink” pen tablet driver…
Shader ‘CanvasSdfShaderGLES3’ SHA256: 72cda41890bce2f09217c172023d31e735a3fee605bad83c8e63f1a981a36a77
Shader ‘SkeletonShaderGLES3’ SHA256: add3f03e6eebdffdf0073fae42195857307eddada333b82998642329511917a2
Shader ‘ParticlesShaderGLES3’ SHA256: 9bf432d37b0b4792d67aa9f577258845d4047e3f98e990aeca6fd20a868c4db2
Shader ‘ParticlesCopyShaderGLES3’ SHA256: c778843b0cd1c7ce4c621fa2b924f703ac4001faef0555114b81a76c264a6908
Shader ‘CopyShaderGLES3’ SHA256: b1bc5a355ed9bda23f291956f121e0535b4e81b54cdac398412d200e6133161f
Shader ‘CanvasShaderGLES3’ SHA256: 007cddfcf35f7d57b219cffec53f6a7d9fe7a1979be4db64c6450cfac6000053
Shader ‘CanvasOcclusionShaderGLES3’ SHA256: 968915a469db9a7d505be274e8060c8288c15a5865baeb8362b3b0e2cacb16f3
Shader ‘SceneShaderGLES3’ SHA256: 7757391c487ac94cfa6418166bd5fdacce470f09394c1a2a875e878c8c5d8596
Shader ‘SkyShaderGLES3’ SHA256: 1fe105946e63973aecf5198091930c2bdb17778012ef0253e325ade3a297e6c8
Shader ‘CubemapFilterShaderGLES3’ SHA256: 2b651c285a02b7d4221af1827e1613c03e73e600ebc40b9e6a0b22bb855bd75f
OpenGL API 3.3.0 - Build - Compatibility - Using Device: Intel - Intel(R) HD Graphics 520
WASAPI: Activated output_device using IAudioClient3 interface
WASAPI: wFormatTag = 65534
WASAPI: nChannels = 2
WASAPI: nSamplesPerSec = 48000
WASAPI: nAvgBytesPerSec = 384000
WASAPI: nBlockAlign = 8
WASAPI: wBitsPerSample = 32
WASAPI: cbSize = 22
WASAPI: mix_rate = 48000
WASAPI: fundamental_period_frames = 480
WASAPI: min_period_frames = 480
WASAPI: max_period_frames = 480
WASAPI: selected a period frame size of 480
WASAPI: detected 2 channels
WASAPI: audio buffer frames: 480 calculated latency: 10ms

TextServer: Primary interface set to: “ICU / HarfBuzz / Graphite (Built-in)”.
CORE API HASH: 1133376617
EDITOR API HASH: 884771216
EditorSettings: Load OK!
Loaded system CA certificates
EditorSettings: Save OK!
Editing project: C:/Godot/instancing_starter
EditorSettings: Save OK!
XR: Clearing primary interface
XR: Removed interfaceNative mobile
XR: Removed interfaceOpenXR
Orphan StringName: variant_booleanize
Orphan StringName: string_new_with_utf8_chars_and_len

(A whole bunch of Orphan StringNames)

Orphan StringName: KEY_BRACELEFT
StringName: 688 unclaimed string names at exit.

Godot’s default renderer is Vulcan 1.3.

Your iGPU only supports 1.2 this unfortunately will not allow you to use the Forward+ renderer.

Directx12 support is coming in 4.3 release with caveats

In the meantime you will be forced to use compatibility mode (opengl3) and you may have to start a project withe the opengl3 render option from the command line.

Intel could someday support Vulcan 1.3 on that iGPU but there is likely little chance.

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Hello Pennyloafers! Thank you for your time :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure where to find the engine requirements beyond the “minimum requirements” section of the documentation, which states that Vulkan 1.0 is required

For anyone reading this post, my current approach is to open the engine from the command line with the following command:

\godot-directory\godot.exe --rendering-driver opengl3

I do this each time. Then, once I’m able to open Forward+ projects, I change their Rendering Method configuration to gl_compatibiliy

I apologize for any inconvenience. Is this the correct procedure? How will the upcoming DirectX12 fix benefit me with the forthcoming version of Godot?

Microsofts Directx12 is a proprietary solution that Vulcan is attempting to open source. Apple has something similar called Metal. I didn’t look to closely at the dx12 details for your IGPU and it’s versions. But basically it could be an alternative for Vulcan.

They are the latest technology for rendering graphics. And can utilize your hardware to its full potential.

Opengl3 is a legacy renderer that is limited in its capabilities. Your iGPU may be leaving some performance on the table without using any of the new hardware rendering features and techniques that Vulcan and directx12 expose.

I wish that were true to support Vulcan 1.0, many people have had this issue. I think Vulcan 1.3 adds new functionality that is not available for 1.2 >. and for whatever reason Godot’s Forward+ render uses those new features. I also read that hardware that supports 1.2 should also support 1.3 but good luck getting the vendors to update their previous gen drivers.

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I did some looking around, and it seems like you should be able to run the forward+ engine. I would make sure you get the latest intel graphics driver for your cpu.[Downloads]&f:@stm_10385_en=[Graphics]

I’ve read the same, but it doesn’t seem to apply in my case. I have the recommended iGPU driver for my processor, and I’ve already updated it to the latest version using the Intel’s software. However, to do this, I had to bypass the version limit imposed by the laptop manufacturer. Is there a chance I might be missing an update for another driver?

Idk, I have an 8th Gen Intel (two generations older then yours) intel’s website says I should only be able to run VK 1.2, but in my Linux (Ubuntu) laptop I’m running with the latest vulkan API. (I assume Intel is maintaining their Linux drivers, so why does it seem windows is different?)

I guess I’m a little confused on how the VK API works relative to iGPU drivers. I need to spend more time looking into that.

Someone else had a similar issue here and they pointed out that Godot requirements state VK 1.0 is the minimum. So it’s seems to me that even if you can’t get to VK 1.3 you should be able to run the Forward+ renderer with whatever version you got.

I did peak around github and I haven’t seen anyone there saying it’s not possible. So I’m guessing it could be a Godot bug. If you want to take the time I would suggest making an issue ticket on Godot.

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I just attempted to force the renderer with the ‘–display-driver windows vulkan’ command and managed to create a Forward+ project this way. So, the requirements are indeed met… there must be another issue at play, just as you suggested

I’ll do some more research, and then I’ll either open a new topic here or report the problem to the devs

Thank you for your time!