Can't operate on nodes the current scene inherits from?

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I have a .glb file containing lots of sub-meshes. If I create a new inherited scene from the .glb file I find I can’t change anything about the nodes representing each sub-mesh - for example their material color. Also if I try to move or delete a node I get the above error as shown in the title.

I understand I can create resources from the meshes in a .glb file and then drag those resources into a scene (and edit whatever I like) but the .glb file is pretty complex and so I would prefer to create an inherited scene from the .glb file.

Is there any way I can edit such nodes when I create a scene this way?

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After new inherited scene, on the parent node of the scene means node3d, press right click and press change type, then change it to Node3D again, Let`s see if its work

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Awesome! That works - at first I still couldn’t edit the material but if I save the scene then close and re-open everything is editable.

Thank-you so much KingGD

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