Cant resize rigid body

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Godot 4


i have a rigid body nod and i am resizing it in _physics_process of the player but when i stop resizing it there it reverts to scale 1. also i tried resizing it in itself but it kept reverting. I’m really stuck. also if it helps, my main goal is making a superluminal type camera

The change is likely trigger by something external like an AnimationPlayer that updates the same node after the physics step.

Nevertheless, a physics body shouldn’t be resized with scaling. Change the size of the collision shape instead.

This is part of the documentation of physics bodies which rigid body inherites.

Warning: With a non-uniform scale, this node will likely not behave as expected. It is advised to keep its scale the same on all axes and adjust its collision shape(s) instead.

Scaling anything in physics results in bad results, change the actual size of shapes instead of their transform scale. That the scale property even exists on physics nodes is because they need to inherite Node2D/3D to have a transform position. It does not mean that scale is a good property to use for them.

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