Change animation speed based on the blend?

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So i’ve been playing with godot for a while and i’m trying few movement concept i have in mind for a while now.
1: i’m using mixamo 3d animation, i do not have any animation skill hahahaha,
2: i’m using a blendspace2d (maybe it’s wrong)
So i want to make my character animation able to walk and strafe (and a mix between them) , the issue is the blend between both at first it’s looking very great , but more the time go, the more wierd they look and it’s basicly because they do not have the same length (i think) , they blend out of sync and it’s look bad (both feet will move at the same time)

is there a way that they also blend the speed ?

sorry for my broken english it’s not my first language

BlendTree has a TimeScale node that can be used to set the speed of the animation.

Or blendspace2d has a sync property, you could try setting it to true and see if it helps.

I never used either of these, just some ideas that might help. But I think the simplest solution would be to just make them the same length, if that’s the issue.

like i said i don’t make animation i used free animation for my concept!
and it’s doesn’t make sens for a sprint animation to have the same lenght as a run animation or a walk animation.

sync do nothing here

yes tinescale is pretty good but they only seem to suport only 2 decimal.

i guess i will have to make everything by hand in code, not that i mind it’s juste i though godot would have support that and i was wondering if i did something wrong