Change propeller plane sound based on throttle level

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Lets say I have an sound of a propeller plane and I want to adjust the pitch of the sound smoothly based on the throttle level.

Is there some smart way of doing that, or do I need to create 5ish different sounds that corresponds to the throttle level?

It might be useful to check the following classes:

I guess changing the pitch_scale from the AudioEffectPitchShift class and adding this effect to the AuditoServer class should work.

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While going through some tutorials I encountered the following line:
For linear interpolating the pitch scale up to 2:
$EngineSFX.pitch_scale = lerp($EngineSFX.pitch_scale, 2, 2 * delta)
For linear interpolating the pitch down to 1:
$EngineSFX.pitch_scale = lerp($EngineSFX.pitch_scale, 1, 2 * delta)


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