Changing radio button icon on OptionButton

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Hello. I have an OptionButton in my scene. I want to change the ‘radio button’ icon next to each option element. But there doesn’t appear to be an option in the Theme Editor for this.

I’d like to know how to change the ‘radio button’ element in Theme Editor for the OptionButton control. Any help appreciated. Thanks very much.

OptionButton uses a PopupMenu to show the items. You need to style the PopupMenu in your theme to change the appearance of it.

I tried altering the radio button theme in the Theme Editor for the PopupMenu but it doesn’t work.

To elaborate, I have a theme that changes the PopupMenu radio icons. I apply that to the OptionButton, but the changes don’t carry through.

It works fine on my end

Hmm, what happens if you delete the icon?

It defaults to the default icon.

Make sure you don’t have an extra override in there and that you’re not using a theme variant different from the one you’re changing.

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