Charactacter Duplication?

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Hello all,

Just a really quick question, there is an assignment we have to do in this video course, I don’t know why, and the one way I would like to approach it is to just copy the character scene and duplicate everything there and change: the sprites, animations, animation player, animation tree to suit rather than redo everything 3 more times to make 3 different characters. Is there anyway to do this in Godot 4.2.2?

As always thankyou in advance.


I think there is no short way to do that, I always duplicate the scene and apply changes when I need to create multi characters. But you can also do this by codes like make a export variable of texture, and when to spawn, it will run that sprite.texture = texture in the character script, you can use tween instead of animation player, if using animation tree then you can use many ways to manage this with codes as your project and you can do more like this…

After your reply I went and did some digging and came to the same conclusion. I suppose I could duplicate the scene in the lower lefthand corner of the editor:

but, I feel uneasy about using that, and I could do with the practice of using the Animation tree, no manual using“whatevs”) which has given so much grief :stuck_out_tongue:. Which you can attest to :rofl:.


I got so far behind in the course running in to an error I couldn’t fix that I had to go back to my last backup which was backaways and restart from there. Making a lot more backups now

Being so far back I tried the duplicate on the original character which seemed to work so I am now modding the animations and animation tree.

So far, so good :pray:.

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Nice and also Animation tree is really too easy :+1:

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