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There is a shortcut to “Expand Bottom Panel”, i am looking for the shortcut to collapse the complete bottom panel, not just the expanded part.

I know there is an option to hide the output after project run, but i want to see it and when i am back to coding i want to hide the complete panel by a shortkey to have a clean workspace since i often work on 14" nodebook without a mouse, trying to optimize it.


Can post here too about this if such a shortcut does not exist,. godotengine/godot-proposals · Discussions · GitHub

I’ve noticed are few areas that waste space in the Godot editor now that I am stuck on a 1080p screen, like the toolbars in the File and Scene/hierarchy panels which I wish had options to turn off since I never use those features. Luckily I’ll be back on higher res and bigger screen soon but I feel for the people working on laptop screens.

Just in case you did not know, you can click on the tab/title at bottom of open panel to collapse that whole panel.

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Same here. I would love a shortcut like that (working on a 13" screen occasionally).

Btw, in case you are working with scripts mostly, you can use the “Make the script editor floating” button. This way, the bottom panel disappears at least when editing scripts.