Concave and Convex Collision Shapes Don't work in Godot 4.3. They Won't Generate PackedVector3Array

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I can’t get Concave and Convex Collision Shapes to generate any kind of collision array. I’m almost positive this is a bug, because I have an older asset that has the PackedVector3Array already created in the tscn file and it works fine. However as soon as I create a new shape it stops working.


  1. is the old asset from the Proton scatter addon

  2. Here I am adding a new shape of the same kind

  3. And after it’s gone!

It’s also now missing this line in the tscn
data = PackedVector3Array( pretend all the vertex coordinates are listed here)

does this method not create it?

You sir are a life saver!

Honestly I would feel stupid for not finding that option, except that we had 3 people looking at it for an hour today and couldn’t find it.

It should definitely auto generate when you create the node or something, but that’s a feature request.

Thanks a ton I really appreciate the help!

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Good to hear.

I am new to godot,but I wonder if that was a 4.0 change on how they are generated, it seems they have done a lot of subtle changes like that :o

Mmm yeah I’m relatively new to it too. Could be it was that way the whole time. Who knows.

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