Condition "plugins_list.has(p_plugin)" is true

Godot Version

4.2.1.stable Steam Version


I got a problem, and dont know why.

Editor/editor_node.cpp:8240 - Condition “plugins_list.has(p_plugin)” is true.


In project i have Camera2D (with simple zoom script) and AnimatedSprite2D (with spritesheet)

In project (Mobile type) settings i change resolution (1280x720) and upload Icon (522x522)

Upd. Change to Forward+ type I got same problem
Upd2. It appears if i click on Node (AnimationSprite2D) in NodeTree(in WorldSpace)
Upd3. It appears if clicking only in NodeTree, if i click on Node(AnimatedSprite2d) on scene - have no errors.
Upd4. It appears SOMETIMES. I restart project and error not appears at all. Restart project again, and… got error again (sometimes, not always)

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Maybe some plugins are causing the errors? check the project settings

Have no one

I have the same error on the same version, also with AnimatedSprite2D. But even without a camera

I no longer have this error
It disappeared

Have you changed anything in the project?

Nope, absolutely no changes

Having the exact same issue here. Also happening when I select AnimatedSprite2D.
No plugins installed

Restarting the project several times didn’t get rid of the error.
Duplicating the AnimatedSprite2D node and deleting the original one worked. The error is gone and hasn’t returned after several restarts.


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