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The identifier “_on_check_button_musiсs_toggled” has misleading characters and might be confused with something else.

I don’t understand what Godot doesn’t like. What does this error mean?

According to the documentation:

When set to warn or error, produces a warning or an error respectively when an identifier contains characters that can be confused with something else, like when mixing different alphabets.

I don’t know what character in there might be the problem, but you could try deleting the identifier and retyping it?

Does the code work though? This is just something that tells you that there is another identifier that is of similar spelling , at least based on the message

The code works. I have two buttons for sounds and music.

@onready var audio_menu_buttons = $“…/AudioMenuButtons”
@onready var audio_back = $“…/AudioBack”

var music_bus_music = AudioServer.get_bus_index(“Music”)
var music_bus_sfx = AudioServer.get_bus_index(“SFX”)
var game_paused: bool = false

func _on_check_button_sounds_toggled(toggled_on):
await audio_menu_buttons.finished
if toggled_on == true:
AudioServer.set_bus_mute(music_bus_sfx, false)
AudioServer.set_bus_mute(music_bus_sfx, true)

func _on_check_button_musiсs_toggled(toggled_on):
await audio_menu_buttons.finished
if toggled_on == true:
AudioServer.set_bus_mute(music_bus_music, false)
AudioServer.set_bus_mute(music_bus_music, true)

It is not clear what symbols we are talking about and what identifier is meant