Connect-A-PIC: Play with Photons! 🌟

Hey there, Godot folks! :wave:
Ready to jump into the fascinating world of photonics with a smile? First things first, snag the latest version of Connect-A-PIC right here:

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Download Connect-A-PIC :rocket:

Usage: Mouse L/R/M Buttons

What’s the Big Idea?

Connect-A-PIC is all about turning the complex science of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) into a fun, gamified experience. Crafted with love using Godot 4.2 and C#, this tool is your playground for designing optical circuits on chips. Perfect for students, scientists, and anyone curious about photonics. :mortar_board::bulb:

Why You’ll Love It:

  • It’s Easy: Get started in no time and see your designs come to life.
  • It’s Educational: Learn about photonics in a hands-on way.
  • It’s Open Source: Dive into the code, contribute or customize to your heart’s content.

Jump Right In:

Grab the code, play around with it, and if you’re feeling adventurous, why not contribute? Whether it’s suggesting new features, reporting bugs, or adding your own designs, there’s always room for more brilliance in the Connect-A-PIC universe. :milky_way: