Connect Nodes to send Signals


I wanna to connect a signal form my player script to my finished_point_script.
So the player Script do some things and when its finished, it should fire a Signal to my Finished_point, that this can start doing things. To avoid that both scripts run simultaneously, because i queee_free the Player at some point. In each level there is a Player Node and a finished_point node. How to connect the two scripts.

in the finished_point_script.

func _ready():
get_tree()......#and than what?


get_node().....connect XY

You need a reference to both the player and the finish point node. If the script is on the finish point node, then you just need a reference to the player. I don’t think the player is a child of the finish point, then you can use a group to get the player. Or you can put the code on a node that is the parent of both the player and the finish point.

Connecting a function goes likes this


An easy way to get the path to another node is to drag it into the script editor.

Okay i my case this best solution is the Group one. So i added a Group to the Player Script. Now how to search for it? I my mind i need something like this.
because the player is in different places in each level.
Am i thinking right? or is were a better way?


and i only need the connect on the finished_point script

Oh and of course thank you already for your help