Copy custom framework folder into macOS app export

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I am trying to create a virtual camera to push images from my godot app to on macOS. To do this I’ve created a camera framework file that can be used by a gdextension to install/uninstall and send images to a virtual camera.

The issue I’m having is that the framework has to be included with the extension code which is fine when compiling the code as I can have scons copy over the framework folder.

The issue is when I export my project for macOS the framework folder isnt included. I have tried running a post export script to copy the framework folder over to the mounted app but it’s showing as read only when mounted.

Is there a way to include the framework folder in the game app Frameworks folder when exporting?

I’m not sure if this works for folders but you could try adding the [dependencies] section to your .gdextension file.

Something like GodotSteam/godotsteam.gdextension at 9f8444b6b5eaa942596c57594513e3aada36378b · GodotSteam/GodotSteam · GitHub


Yes, this worked thanks!

Is it possible to have more than on dependency for a build? I can’t seem to find any definitive information on what can go in the .gdextension file.

I’m not sure, you could try something like:

windows.x86_64 = { "dep1": "", "dep2": "", "dep3": "" }

You can always check the source code here godot/core/extension/gdextension.cpp at master · godotengine/godot · GitHub to see how it’s parsed.