Cozy Space Survivors 🚀

Game Menu Flow Update

Goal: Make people play another round after finishing the first one.


  • “Play Again”-Button added to End-Menu (directly starts a new game, without having to go through the main menu → shippy selection → meta upgrade selection)
  • Shippy Selection now at game start (after loading screen, necessary in case someone pressed the new “Play Again”-Button and wants to change to another shippy)
  • Meta Upgrade Selection (Chocolate Store) can now be opened in the End-Screen (which makes people hopefully curious to play another round after they unlocked something new)


  • Resetting quests now also resets the unlocked features (e.g. the Portal Dogs)
  • Double-Clicking the “Main Menu”-Button made the game crash
  • Boomerang-Unlock used texts from the Mine Layer-Unlock

Input Change Notification

Small (but I think Important) detail: When you change the control mode (between mouse, keyboard or controller) a little icon + sound notifies you about the switch. This should help (a) showing what buttons you can press and (b) hint players to play with mouse OR keyboard, NOT both together (like a shooter).

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Tech Art Breakdown about my game:
Hope you like it, let me know!




The game is now available in Simplified Chinese & Spanish.

Cool Changes

  • Portal Dogs (the green creatures which fire beams) are now spawned less often but drop more XP
  • Game is paused when Steam-Overlay is opened
  • Quest Arrows now have a small animation when they appear because people never noticed their existence
  • Chocolate Store (to buy meta upgrades is now accessible from the main menu)

Player Ship 04

  • Can be beta-tested in the Itch-Version
  • SPECIAL: Each segment contains a weapon slot, BUT the lower your health, the fewer segments you have (until you gain health again)!!

PLAY ON ITCH (In Browser)

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New Boss

I received my first Let’s Play and the player mentioned that it was a bit underwhelming, that nothing “scary” waited at the end of the game. Now, in second 00:45 a huge boss spawns. Defeating it will grant you an achievement and chocolate.

Right now the boss is probably too easy. I need to balance its weapon & HP.

New Ship

I added a new player ship: Wormy. It consists of several segments - each with a weapon slot. But be careful: Losing health means losing segments (until you gain fresh health again)!

p.s. the ship is not playable in the demo to give a little insentive to buy the game. But if someone wants to try it right now, you can play the itch version (as download or directly in the browser)

Quality of Live

When playing with the scout ship (which has no weapons) the weapon boxes are now auto-recycled because taking the weapon was never an option anyway. Leads to more fluent gameplay!

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:rocket:Missile Launcher :rocket:

Beta Test (two weapon boxes are available directly at the start of the game): Cozy Space Survivors Web by simonschreibt

  • Missiles search for a random target (regardless of the distance!)
  • Missiles have a limited lifetime that gets longer the more you upgrade “Weapon Range”

Video (WITH SOUND!): Imgur: The magic of the Internet


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Splash Damage Visualization

Game development s also about the little things: I reworked the splash damage visualization (the red circle) to be pixelated (happens in a shader) to fit better to the art style of the game. I also updated the circles you see after upgrading weapon/collect range.

Missile Launcher Unlock

  • Portal Dogs are now spawning always (but with low spawn priority)
  • Solving the Earthy-Quest (getting water) now unlocks the Missile Launcher (instead of the Portal Dogs) BUT the Missile Launcher is locked in the demo (when you find one, you can recycle but NOT take it)
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Rainbow of Love

As a last BIG addition to the game, I have added a new weapon. It’s an AoE-Nova dealing damage to everything in range.

Note: It is locked in the demo, BUT each Space-Moomoo has this weapon attached now. You can use them to your defense!

Guidance to Boxies

I was annoyed while testing stuff with boxies and not able to find one quickly. That’s why I added a new upgrade which adds ALL boxies to your guidance system. Advantage: people will learn about the existance of the guidance system through this upgrade. Even though the arrows/points are in front of their nose, most people never notice them.

Play on (in Browser, no Installation necessary)
Play & Wishlist on Steam

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