Create a GridMap tile that contains multiple meshes?

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Is it possible to create tiles in the GridMap mesh library that contain more than 1 mesh? I have tried adding a 2nd mesh as child node but it is not visible when placing the tiles in the GridMap

Do I have to prepare the meshes in a different way?


It’s not possible. A MeshLibrary contains a list of entries where each entry is one Mesh with a name and an ID.

The possible solutions I can thing of are:

  • Merge each floor and object meshes into one using Blender for example.
  • You could use different GridMaps for the floor and for the objects.
  • You could have the floor tiles and the object tiles separated and draw first the floor tiles in a layer and then the object tiles in another layer.

When you say layer, do you mean different floors of the same GridMap?

Yeah, but now that I think of it may not be possible or may break other things. A separated gridmap for tiles and objects may be better.

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For placing complex objects, it might be better to use a placeholder tile and add the meshes at runtime through scripting. Then you can add an entire scene to the node tree if you want, for each time your placeholder appears.

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Tried the separate GridMaps and that seems to work so far - thanks for the advice @mrcdk ! :slight_smile:


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