Create .md file from the in-engine documentation?

Hello hello. Is it possible to generate a markdown file from the in-engine documentation made with ## comments?

Aloa thepat02,

glad you are here. A lot of people here are willing to help, explain, share thoughts or just simple give feedback.

This answer will fall in the last category. If noone ever told you: when you want to get “help” by strangers on the internet you should be as precise as possible to make it as easy as possible to help you.

It is not clear what you want to achieve here. So lets assume the two things that come to mind.

  1. you want to create md files from within godot (the editor):
    md files are plain textfiles hence easy enough you dont even have to escape the # in strings, the following explains how to do savegames and the file ending is arbitrary hence a good start for your research (saving games, godot doc).

  2. you want to have your very own set of the docs when you press F1 and want to edit it in that windows you see:
    well I am not experienced in godot to say how much work it is, but as the code is public you could definately build a plugin that allows it. The documentation you see in the editor either comes from the site that the docs mention (ref) or is local to your system. I have no clue what is the case, but if you want it start you research there and have fun on the journey.

As always I am assuming your question is non of the two things I thought of when reading your question. But non the less I hope it gave you some hints while not being to rude.

Wish you a pleasant day,

Hi, thank you for your reply. Sorry for the lack of clarity. I thought my short and simple question was specific enough to not need any further explanation.

I am interested in a tool (GDPlugin, pyhton script, …) that allows you to automatically create Markdown files of the in-engine documentation you define using the double #.

you could definately build a plugin that allows it

The API for documentation is not exposed and you would need to build a GDExtension to use it. While viable, there are other downsides, like not being able to easily integrated this in a GitHub workflow.

I already stumbled upon this, but haven’t had a time to test it out yet.

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There’s a third-party tool that can be used to achieve this: GitHub - GDQuest/gdscript-docs-maker: Create documentation and class references from your Godot GDScript code

It works with Godot 3.x projects as well.

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