Critical issue when running node

W 0:00:00:0128 DisplayServerWindows: Your video card drivers seem not to support the required OpenGL 3.3 version, switching to ANGLE.
<C++ Source> platform/windows/display_server_windows.cpp:4666 @ DisplayServerWindows()

when iam debugging my and node even 3d 2d

The error relates to your video card.

What render are you using?

If the ANGEL render works you should make that the default render in the project settings.

It doesn’t matter if it is just a node, the scene tree will have a canvas and world3d which makes it both 2d and 3d. It draws the default grey color of the window mostly.

I am using opengl 3
I was getting issue in render graphich drive so in project setting i wrote this rine
–rendering-driver opengl3