Crop & Claw: A Dragon RPG


I’ve dropped this around the Godot Discord, but Discord is pretty bad for being behind walled behind needing an account and not being indexed, so I figure I may as well mirror some posts here.


Crop and Claw is evidently based on classic NES-era JRPGs. My crew’s been working on it for about a month and a half now, and is reaching a base feature complete state.


We’re trying to make something pretty iconic and engaging with even just the basics of JRPG mechanics. I have only recently started trying to document dev more, though I don’t talk about too much for the sake of keeping allure. That, and we’re still figuring things out.


I don’t have a public demo yet, so I’m just dumping it in the dev showcase topic. Maybe I’ll move or copy over to the games field if I release a demo.


I don’t know how much I’ll be posting on here. My time’s pretty limited, so I tend to be centralizing a lot of stuff on our own spaces. I post company stuff on the ActivityPub platforms (Pleroma, Mastodon, etc) at I try to post a more detailed dev log on our own blog every Saturday at Crop and Claw – Dinoleaf. I may mostly just mirror some stuff here if I remember to or get time.

If you like this kind of game or just like throwing money into the Godot dev ecosystem, you can also wishlist it on Steam at Crop and Claw on Steam.

I have no idea how many rules I probably broke with all these links and images dumped.