CSGCombiner issues

Godot Version



I’m using the CSGCombiner3D to create a platformer level, but I ran into an issue. The floor seems to be ripping apart when i use the CSGPolygon3D node to make ramps.
Also if anyone knows how to make the CSG nodes snap to each other I’d be thankful, the Snap slider in the Inspector doesn’t seem to be doing much. i set it to 0.25m because that’s the size of my grid texture.
here’s a screenshot of the issue:

Note: the rips seem to be coming from the corner.

I’d check to see if that wedge ramp CSG shape is floating above the floor CSG shape, whether it be the entire asset or just some of the verts making up the bottom plane.

Also I wonder if nesting setup is a problem where you have the floor as the child of the combiner, and then the other shapes as a child of the floor, like if the above is not the issue, what happens if you make all the combiner children only one layer deep in their hierarchy?

Alright so i tinkered around with the polygon node a bit and turns out that for the rips to go away, I need to move the polygon node slightly away from all the other objects. The snapping seems to connect everything nicely, but i’ll have to test if there’s no collision issues. Also this “fix” could introduce some level-design problems later on, but for now I’ll just add it to my “to-do-later” list, I’ve got quite a bit of stuff overdue on my list. I’ll keep the nesting setup in mind when trouble-shooting later. thanks!

here’s how it looks currently: