Desperate for help with audio artifacting / lagging / glitching

Godot Version

v4.1.3.stable.mono.official [f06b6836a]


Hi. Ever since I started adding sound effects to my Godot project, i’ve been having an issue with audio artefacting / glitching / lagging / whatever you’d call it.

Example video: here

I’ve tried every fix.

  • I’ve made sure the audio doesn’t peak.

  • I’ve added a limiter to the audio bus at -6 db and set every single audio stream player to at max -12 db.

  • I added a limiter to all the sounds before exporting them out of Audacity.

  • I made sure all sounds are 44100 hz when exported.

  • Sound effects are WAV files while the music is MP3.

It astounds me that I cannot find ANY mention of ANYONE having a problem similar to this. This issue is reproducable by me just making another project and playing the audio files normally without messing with any audio settings.

I’m desperate for any sort of help, no matter how small. This is driving me insane and I’ve considered quitting Godot and going back to Unity several times because of this, and I really don’t want to because of how much I love this engine.

I seriously cannot imagine how I’ve not found anyone that has also had this problem.

Sincerely, Ema Beckett

Some things to try:

  • If you are using only audio files made by yourself, download for example some audio samples from Kenney. Do they have the same problems?
  • Try some other Godot versions. 4.2, 3.5, do they have the same problems?
  • Try the exported game in some other computer, still the same problems? If this problem happens only with your computer, maybe updating audio drivers could help, although usually there isn’t much to update.
  • Run Godot’s console version from console, in case it prints any suspicious audio related errors.

And finally, creating an issue might help.

I will absolutely try all these suggestions tomorrow when I have time. Just to further add to some context to those points:

  • All the sounds (except the music) are made from me mixing a bunch of CC0 sounds together in Audacity
  • I tried upgrading to 4.2 but ran into some sort of issue with mouse input detection so decided on delaying, but I will try making a clone project to test it again.
  • The issue being a thing in the exported project is the reason why I’ve been so worked up over this issue; I thought it was just a consequence of the game running directly from the engine at first.
  • About running the console version, how would you do that? I know I could look up a tutorial but I’ll ask just in case :laughing:

Thanks <3

Just use some Kenney’s audio files without touching them in any way. Maybe, just maybe, you have inadvertently made something bad to the audio files.

No need to convert your whole project to multiple Godot versions, just make a simple test project which plays the audio files.

Running the console version: Start a console (press Win key and then “cmd”) and then start Godot using Godot_v4.1.2-stable_win64_console.exe (or whatever exact version you are using, the important thing is the “_console”). Now Godot prints everything to the console.

Are you using Bluetooth audio? If so, it will have lower quality if you have microphone input at the same time due to Bluetooth protocol limitations.

Are you using a separate DAC (USB or dedicated sound card)? Do you have WASAPI exclusive mode or something like ASIO4ALL configured (may be the case if you’ve worked with DAWs before)?

Upload project to google drive or smth - happy to download and see if this is reproducible on another machine.

I’ve used ogg, wav, and mp3 in my project with no issues so far. I’m on an M1 mbp.

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Hi, thanks for the offer, honestly. In the past few days, me and a friend sort of realised that… well, it might actually just be an audio driver issue. While I haven’t been able to solve it, I wasn’t able to reproduce it on my very much low-performance laptop…

If you still want to test it out, I can bundle it up in an EXE or send the raw project and upload it to drive no problem, just let me know.

There is a pull request that could have improved this situation, but it was closed by its author (presumably because they no longer have time to work on it).

Oops, I replied with “sure, just export for MacOS” and for some reason that didn’t post.

But yeah, if still need a tester, I’m down. Hope you figured it out, though!