DEV SNAPSHOT: Godot 4.3 beta 1

To counter the cold from our recent feature freeze, we have started a campfire to keep us warm on the Road To Vostok :fire:

Road to Vostok is a hardcore single-player survival game set in a post-apocalyptic border zone between Finland and Russia. Survive, loot, plan and prepare your way across the Border Zone and enter the Vostok.

Before anyone pulls out a guitar and effectively stops all conversation, let us tell you about the beta for 4.3:

Testers needed! :guitar:


Nice :+1:

There may be an issue with AnimationPlayer in this update. I have several animations and scrolling works fine when you first bring up the animation list on an AnimationPlayer but after that the scrollbar disappears on further attempts and prevents scrolling unless you restart the project. I’ll make a bug report later but if others could test that would be appreciated.

[EDIT] I made a bug report on the repo. [4.3 Beta 1] AnimationPlayer animation list scroll bar disappears after first use. · Issue #92614 · godotengine/godot · GitHub

I have an error that doesn’t let me open any scenes because it says it is a parses error which happened in 4.3 beta 1 that didn’t occur in 4.3 dev 6, and also when going back to dev 6 the scenes work, note i have the main scene with the subscenes to load in threads when playing the game, that could be why?

Looking forward to hearing all about the beta for 4.3!

Is there a library dependency for Godot 4.3 beta in Maven?
(I would like to test the build of my plugin.)

after i make a window floating, for some reason i lose the ability to resize panels. ive also had problems scrolling through the debugger. edit: it seems i only have problems if i made the filesystem floating?

if i restart the project the problem goes away. but once i close all the floating windows and make my filesystem floating again, it problem returns. at least i can project > reload project.