DEV SNAPSHOT: Godot 4.3 beta 3

Guess we weren’t as stealthy as we assumed :ninja:

Like many of you already noticed, the 3rd beta is out!

Please report any bugs or regressions so we can start working on the final release! :beetle:

Speaking of crawling… The End of You

The End of You is a short, emotional narrative game about love lost, the ghosts of the past, and the painful crawl towards closure.

Report issues on GitHub, and discuss here!


Thank you!

I was struggling in beta 2 with ezporting to Android. Downloaded beta 3 and the associated export templates, same steps and works like a charm!


Thank you for the new version and the great new features! I love it…

I tested with 4.3 beta 3 with my current project. With the new version, it seems on PCVR (SteamVR with Quest3) the xr_interface.is_passthrough_supported() always returns true, which worked correct with 4.2.2. The other problem is the performance with the stand alone version on Quest 3. With 4.2.2 my project is running smooth with 120 fps using gl_compatibility. The new version seems to be limited to 72 fps, tested with gl_compativility and mobile renderer, no matter which settings I used. Does anyone have a tip on how to make it even better?

Is it actually OK for everyone to post in the “announcements”? Just asking…

Anyway, I am amazed with how the web platform is coming along. 4.3b3 saved my butt on a 2D web game I’m currently working on!

  • The single threaded mode works well for me.
  • The new sample-based playback eliminated the infamous audio crackling, and was super easy to use. I had one problem with the stream restarting when un-pausing the game, which seemed related to my modifying the process_mode of the audiostreamplayer at the same time. I’d have to make a proper report, though.
  • I’ve built my own web export template for the first time, and was very impressed with the simplicity of building the engine, and stripping out features. Kudos!

It is both announcement and discussion, so yes not only OK but also expected. E.g. the posts on other social platforms link to this thread with “discuss on the Forum”.

That said if you encounter issues the better place to communicate them is on github as that better tracks and catalogs them.

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