DEV SNAPSHOT: Godot 4.3 dev 4

We reached the next pit stop for our 4.3 release :checkered_flag:

Today we bring you a new DevSnaphot & a blog post detailing all the features & fixes packed into it :wrench:

Before you drive onwards, you should also check out “Parking Garage Rally Circuit” by @walaber :taxi:

“Retro Arcade Rally Racing… in Parking Garages?!? Precision driving with tight simple controls and arcade physics, all in a Sega Saturn style presentation” :racing_car::ringer_planet:

•AnimationMixer feature parity
•NET code improvements
•Fixes for invalid/corrupt scenes
•UFBX as a built-in alternative to FBX2glTF
•Huge improvement to pixel stability
•Many rendering features & enhancements
•Re-designed graph editor for Visual Shaders

This is something I want to try out as soon as possible. The graph can be improved in many ways.