DEV SNAPSHOT: Godot 4.3 dev 5

Suprise! Another one :beer:

This time it’s the last pre-GDC Dev Snapshot - containing a range of things from interactive music to GDScript upgrades.

Featuring “Béton Sanglant” by @mreliptik :brick:



  • New Parallax2D node
  • Interactive music
  • Custom resource icons in FS dock
  • Much faster GDScript LSP
  • New @ export_custom GDScript annotation

“A fast paced arena FPS where you need to survive waves of enemies. You’ll climb the tower with 3 levels, increasing the difficulty each time. Reach the top, and see what’s up there.” :gun::drop_of_blood:


Nice one!

So just tried interactive music that I haven’t expected, now I’m waiting for UX improvements and guide documents for that.
First impression is that seems we can do chain mix with multiple audio streams from that features but feels like not too much satisfies our needs.
Maybe it’s cause by lack of guide document, but I can say it’s mostly workflow are done within side panel like in inspector and it seems very difficult to use on UX perspective for me.
My expert audio friend told me that “can we just use FMOD?”, so uh, my conclusion is that promisable but still seems needs improvement for UX.
Looking forward of this good feature!

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im excited to try this feature, thanks for your thoughts!

i have been using this library called “resonate” which has many of the fmod features my sound team desired for our latest game: GitHub - hugemenace/resonate: An all-in-one sound and music management addon for the Godot game engine.

excited to check this feature out in dev5!

thanks for share this

the android version of this is not even opening on my device. I’m on android 11 . 4.3 dev 4 worked just fine