DEV SNAPSHOT: Godot 4.3 dev 6

Guess who is finally feature complete? Yes, Godot 4.3 is near!

It’s becoming even beefier with 650 commits in this particular Dev Snapshot :cut_of_meat:

Note for those who recently saw a certain tutorial: TileMap layers are now also nodes :grimacing:


  • 2D physics interpolation
  • TileMap layers as nodes
  • Reverse Z depth buffer
  • Automatic engine update checks

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Nice one!


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please 3.6
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


When do you guys plan to release 4.3 beta?

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Ideally next week! But no promises :slight_smile:


OH WOOOW i can’t believe that !! I can’t wait to move to 4.3. Thank you for improving the software.

To be honest, after the release of version 4, I was very dissatisfied with the developers, many errors remain to this day that were still discovered in 4.0, for example, the lack of UndoRedo in the UV Editor, or the lack of the ability to edit or delete points in NavigationObstacle2D. Many fixes from third parties seem to be simply ignored, and many errors are questioned :frowning:

We must not forget old errors and correct them, but developers most often, on the contrary, add something new so that even more errors appear, it’s an endless cycle.

This bug was only reported yesterday, so pretty hard to have solved it already, if you knew of this bug previously and didn’t report it then you can’t expect it to have been solved already, also that one is no older than 4.1, as there wasn’t any obstacle with vertices in 4.0

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And it’s solved! Within a week!

  1. I noticed that, while using C#, if I update an export and rebuild the editor, I still get the warning that exports might be outdate and I need to build the project
  2. This is more of a question - Where can I read about the updates on the 3D physics or the official support of Godot Jolt?

Despite the fact I’m still new to Godot this is looking to be a Great future for this Game Engine. Bravo :gdparty: